IMGS Ep. 163: Cannabis Photographer Spacement Grown.

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Show Notes:   Welcome to Ep. 162.  A little later I’ll talk with cannabis photographer Spacement Grown.  I hope your cannabis gardens are looking great.  I yanked the male volunteer, he started dropping pollen Mon or Tue and I let it go until Sat.  I only want some of female to make seeds, I didn’t want the whole plant pollinated.  Nature is amazing, both plants were ready to do their part at about the same time.  The female pushed out stigmas to capture pollen just as the male started to release pollen.  It looks like some pollination happened because some of the stigmas (hairs) had turned orange, which is a sign of pollination.  We’ll find out in about 8 weeks.  So Chief Salinas got back to me about smoking cannabis where tobacco smoking is allowed, the way NYS does.  Chief Salinas links: 

Strain of the Week:  Flo White: It is a cross of DJ Short’s classic strain “Flo” with “The White #7”.  As far as smell and taste go, it has a lot going on,it’s got quit the bouquet. There is a hint of sage mixed in with wet dirt and lemon or Orange/citrus.  At the end of the exhale you get a spice or peppery taste.  This did come in 24% and was a daytime smoke for me.  This was a great value, the ⅛ was $20 from House brands.

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South Dekota 
Hmong water rights 

Conversations with:  Cannabis photographer Spacement Grown joins me on today’s show.

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