Green Coast Radio is here.

Greetings everyone this is Alex and I wanted to let you know that Green Coast Radio is up and running. You can go to to listen to some great cannabis conversations and music. It’s a fun roller coaster putting the station together and it’s the only reason why I haven’t been around lately. But don’t be shy about checking in with me on social media, on IG you can find me @inmygrowshow and @greencoastradio. Don’t forget that you can always just send me an email at or As a matter of fact, email me your favorite song about weed or getting high and I’ll see about putting on the air. The station is broadcasting cannabis content and music 24/7 for everyone. And by the way, I want thank all of our beta testers that helped out last week with all their feedback. If you can’t hear it online, let us know what country you’re in and we’ll check the filters and get you tuned in. When you want to hear it on a mobile device, just download the Live365 app and search for “Green Coast Radio” and click on the logo. Then hit the “Heart” icon to set it as your favorite and you’re ready to stream on your device.

One of the big reasons why we started Green Coast Radio it because it’s very clear that the law doesn’t want cannabis conversations or education on terrestrial radio airwaves.  That goes for all the big social media platforms also, they don’t want us there.  So instead of trying to force cannabis into systems that are unwelcoming and hostile to us.  We decided that it’s time to build new systems to showcase cannabis conversations, education and lifestyle.  This is a very new platform for me but instead of waiting for perfection, I decided to launch the station and chase perfection as it grows.  In the coming weeks we plan on adding more cannabis content to sharpen the listening experience. The website is a work in progress and right now all you can do on it is listen live but that experience will also get better in the near future.

Right now we have a two podcasts on during the weeks and a bud review. We have a podcast that’s in Spanish called “Cannabis Hispano” hosted by Rafael Garcia, out of Canada. If you know someone who communicates better in Spanish, invite them to listen, it’s a really great show. You can hear him on Monday’s at 1am PST and 5pm PST. Then on Tuesday you can hear my podcast “In My Grow Show” at 1am PST and 5pm PST. We plan on adding more shows real soon. We also have a daily cannabis bud review called “Smoke of the Day” and you can hear it at 7:20am PST and 4:20 PST. The reason we cycle the early in the morning is to give our European audience a chance to the content. That’s it buddy, those are all the updates I have for you. Check out the station and share the website. Let me know what you think it. I’ll talk with you soon.

Alex Life is Fluid

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