In My Grow Show w/ Alex Ep. 92: Biological predator checklist

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Getting the grow cabinet ready for the upcoming season.

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Fire Safety in our Indoor Home Grow Rooms

by Alex Robles

It’s never good when a fire breaks out in an indoor grow but it’s even more tragic when that grow room is in our home.  I want to take this moment to say something about fire safety in an indoor home grow.  We’ve all heard the horror stories of bad wiring catching fire or the plant canopy getting too close to a hot light and bursting into flames.  We try not to think about it too much because aside from having a clean, safe grow area and a fire extinguisher handy, there is very little we can do when we have a fire. Continue reading

Building a Grow Cabinet Part One: Lighting

by Alex Robles

Sometimes there are situation like prohibition or state regulations that make people have to take their cannabis gardens indoors.  When that happens space is usually limited and stealth is a must.  In these situation a grow cabinet is the perfect solution.  The beauty of growing in one of these is that we can make it as big or as small as we need it to be.  In the past I’ve used things that are already put together like a closet, locker or cupboard and other times I’ve had to build a custom cabinet.  This series will go over the basic information that has to be considered before we put together a micro-grow or grow cabinet.  I’ve tried to put this information into bite size pieces that can be easily understood but that have to be considered before we put together a small indoor grow space. Continue reading