IMGS Ep. 141: White Labeling cannabis and hemp products Pt. 1

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Show Notes:  Welcome to ep 141. “Cannabis by The Sea” magazine is our newest sponsor, find them at   White labeling cannabis products with the help of Rodney Medina.  

Strain of the Week: Legend OG – is a cross OG Kush with a mystery strain. This is a mellow, sleepy indica, it is not a middle of the day weed unless you’re about to go down for a nap.  It has a nice flowery, over ripe fruit smell and taste.  

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IMGS Ep. 128: The Election Special w/ Rodney Medina.

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Show Notes:   Welcome to Ep. 128.  Today we’re going to the election special and Rodney is back with me on the mic.  Product review, THC capsule 25Mg.      

Strain of the Week:  Mordor -is a cross of the Shire cut of SSSDH(super silver sour diesel) and Hell’s Fire OG.  It does have a fuel, citrus odor with some musky spice.  24% THC, wasn’t very heavy for me, good for working not to party.  

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Conversations with:  Rodney is back with me and we’re talking about the local cannabis ballot measures.  Biden is better for cannabis  

Big thanks to: All the artist for letting me use their music.

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Is hemp oil, hemp seed oil and CBD oil the same thing?

By   Alex Robles

Ten or even five years ago when you would talk about hemp oil, people knew you were talking about hemp seed oil.  Now a days with the popularity of “hemp derived CBD oil” it’s not so simple. The term “Hemp Oil” has turned into this marketing tool that seems designed to confuse us.  When you go online and search for hemp oil your results are going to swing between “Hemp Seed Oil” and “Full Spectrum CBD Oil”.

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