Greetings everyone my name is Alex Robles and I want to welcome you to “In My Grow”, a resource and community for small cannabis home growers.  This site was set up to help people who are new to cannabis, understand it a little better.  To us it doesn’t matter if you’re a cannabis patient or a recreational user.  This site is here to helps you learn how to grow quality cannabis for your own personal use while demystifying that process.  Our goal is to explain everything as simply as we can, not dumb down but distilled.

There are a lot of different ways to grow cannabis and every experienced cultivator (grower) has their own style and techniques.  We don’t pretend to know everything about all the different ways that cannabis is grown.  We know what we like and what works for un in my little corner of the world.  Me personally, I like to grow in dirt, in containers, in a greenhouse.  I have done some micro grows indoors and have had some success with perpetual grows also.  That’s the base of my knowledge.  We love to learn and share new methods of growing cannabis.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a new grower, experienced cultivators, patients or just curious, are all welcome here and every piece of knowledge and advice that’s shared is greatly appreciated.  Our focus is on small cannabis gardens and the people who take care of them.

What we believe in

  • We believe every adult has the right to fair and equal access to cannabis.
  • We believe every medical cannabis patient has the right to grow their own medicine.

You could say we are on a journey to normalize cannabis by helping people learn how to grow cannabis.  Take a look around and leave a question or a comment and remember to subscribe using your email.  Email us at inmygrow@mail.com.

This has to be said, everything on this website is for entertainment purposes only.  Thanks for your visit.

Grow, Learn, Teach