IMGS Ep. 130: It’s almost Thanksgiving.

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A little recap of last weeks IPM question.

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Show Notes: Welcome to Ep 130.  A word about last week’s episode and the noise.  I will recap the IPM question that I read last week.  Tester pack, Blueberry Muffin.  California doesn’t have employee protection for cannabis patients, how do we change that?  

Strain of the Week:  Gasoline –  The description of this says that It’s a cross of ChemDawg and OG Kush and sativa dominant.  Of course it has a fuel aroma.  There’s also this wet dirt and pine cones and funk smell, with a sweet fruity flavor at the end of exhales.  21% THC wasn’t too heavy, nice day time high.  

Social Media: Social Media:   IPM Spider Mites (SM) during flowering @lonestar_grows.  Same notes as last week.

Report from the cannabis front line: 

More election local results 

Measure G in Ojai increasing cannabis tax,_California,_Measure_G,_Marijuana_Business_Tax_(November_2020) 

Ventura County Measure O –,_California,_Measure_O,_Marijuana_Permit_Ordinance_(November_2020) 

Ventura City –,_California,_Measure_I,_Marijuana_Business_Tax_(November_2020

Native owned cannabis company 

NJ lawmakers trying to change cannabis tax 

Cannabis in Hong Kong 

New JAMA article 

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