Before you buy cannabis seeds, know the different kinds of seeds that are out there.

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by Alex Robles

Choosing the right seeds for your cannabis garden doesn’t have to be that intimidating, but you should know what you want and what you’re looking for.  The first thing you should do is always purchase your seeds from a reputable seed company.  A quality seed company representative should have no problem taking the time to answer all your questions about their products.  Think of it this way, since seed are the most important and possibly expensive part of your garden, good customer service is important.  Another thing you need to think about before you buy seeds is this.  Most experience growers will say that “all cannabis seeds can be grown indoor or outdoor”.  That’s true for the most part, but if we want the best chance for a successful cannabis garden we need to think about what the breeder intended.   Some varieties might do better indoors than they do outdoors.  We also have to remember that the different strains ( indica, sativa, ruderalis) will have different flowering cycles and be ready for harvest on different schedules.  So if a seed descriptions says it has a “flowering time of 9-11 week”, that means it should be ready to harvest 9-11 weeks after it starts flowering.

Next let’s talk about some of the different types of seed you’re going to find out there.  The first thing you notice when go on to a cannabis seed companies website or take a look at their glossy magazine ad is the different variety of seeds for sale.  Here are a few basic things we all need to know before we buy our seeds. Continue reading