IMGS Ep.129: A windy weekend camping at the lake and spider mite IPM.

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Show Notes: Welcome to Ep. 129.  I was out at Lake Casitas and recorded this episode while I was there.  Sorry about the wind noise, the rain rolled in. 

 I hope everyone had a good Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.  The election, which states got legal cannabis.  And an IPM question.  Product review “Peach Ring” batter, thanks to Sespe Creek Collective in Ojai for sending that over.  A word about dab straws/ nectar collectors, sticky teeth.  Congrats to Justin Benton for his new podcast The Miracle Plant.  Yellow sticky traps and cotton balls.

Strain of the Week:  Gorilla Snacks – the internet says it’s a cross of of GG4 and Guinness, a Scooby Snacks F3 backcross.  23% THC  It has a strong aroma with pungent notes of pine, spicy musk and some sweetness at the end.  It was a fun, happy, chatty, high, no racy feeling.  It was a bit distracting   

Social Media:   IPM Spider Mites (SM) during flowering @lonestar_grows.  They’re a common pest that is easy to miss because they don’t fly so yellow sticky cards don’t give you a clear picture of SM pest pressure.  Regular bush bean plants do very well at attracting mites and help me monitor them better.  Keep bean plants in a small pot or cup that can be removed for the grow space. I also go for predator, ladybug common but seasonal.  I use Green Lacewing eggs/larvae because they’re available to me from RinconVitova.  Predatory mites like Phytoseiulus persimilis and Amblyseius californicus, and a predatory midge called Feltiella acarisuga can be put out as soon as you see spider mites on the bean plants.  I don’t spray anything on my flower plants, doesn’t matter how many weeks of flower are in.  The moisture could help certain molds and fungus take hold and ruin the bud.  It could also change the taste of the bud.  A buddy of mine swears by pyrethrum foggers but no later than week two of flower because it could leave a taste.  The most important thing to do is break down and clean the grow space.  Figure out how they got in and what helped them thrive.  Start your IPM with correcting that and build from there.  

Yellow sticky traps  –  mimic a dying weak leaf or mimic a yellow flower.  

  • Cinnamon Oil – thrips, leafminers, Japanese beetles
  • Melissa Oil – fungus gnats, thrips, horse flies, deer flies
  • Lemon Oil – fungus gnats, mealybugs, scale, thrips, Japanese beetles
  • Peppermint Oil – Cucumber beetle

Report from the cannabis front line: 

8,000 Lbs a day 

Millions of Americans 

Older Adults and cannabis 

The Election Results:  

Big thanks to: All the artist for letting me use their music.

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