In My Grow Show w/Alex: Ep. 73 David Neal from Dyna-Gro talks silica and cannabis with me.

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David Neal from Dyna-Gro helps educate me more on silica and cannabis.

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Show notes:  Welcome back to the show, I’m back from vacation.  We had an awesome time on Oahu, Hawaii. We stayed on the north shore, far away from Honolulu and Waikiki .  It was a working vacation for me, i did a few interviews while i was out there. I met a lot of very cool people.  We did a couple of touristy things, went to a luau and horseback ride. So I did fly with cannabis in my luggage out of LAX, no issues.  Was more afraid of someone going through my luggage and taking my stuff than TSA finding it. Rolled a bunch of joints still ran out while I was there (shout out to my new friend Greg for hooking a brother up).  A little different on the island, it was a hunt to find rolling papers on the north shore. Here in a little bit i’m going to play a conversation I had with David Neal from Dyn-Gro.

Strain of the Week:  No strain of the week since I did fly out with some Sour Kush and Lemon Kush, but I want to give it up to al the home growers out there killing it and growing the fire.

Social Media:  -101cbd is having CBD education workshops go to and click on “Blog” for more information.

-Shout out to Canna Queen Genetics and everyone else holding it down at the High Times Detroit Cannabis Cup

Report from the cannabis front line:

– The American Bar Association (responsible for the regulation of the legal profession) endorses the end of cannabis prohibition

-The MORE Act  “Cannabis would be decriminalized on the federal level and therefore removed from the entirety of the Controlled Substances Act. Furthermore, those convicted of cannabis charges on the federal level could apply for expungement of records and apply for re-sentencing if needed. For those who desire to work in the industry, yet have a federal felony record, and are therefore unable to in many states due to felonies being instantly prohibited, this reform may allow that desire to become a reality.”  There’s a link at the bottom of the article so you can a pre-written letter to your government representative in support of the MORE Act.

Conversations with: David Neal who is the founder of Dyna-Gro.  I had a great conversation about silica and cannabis.  You can find their silica products at and contact them on IG @dyna_gro.

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Shaolin Dub – Billowing Smoke

Lobo Loco – Alright In Louisiana

Lobo Loco – Madness is everywhere

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