“In My Grow Show” hosted by Alex Robles: Ep. 48 The Two Spotted Spider Mite and the Cannabis (marijuana) Plant.

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Shaun McCormick host of “The Cheap Home Grow” podcast talks to me about Rhode Island MMJ and Space Buckets.

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Show Notes

Greetings everyone thanks for showing up for episode #48.  I lost my voice last week because of flu and I’m just getting it back, that’s why I sound a bit pre-pubescent on the mic.  Shaun McCormick from “The Cheap Home Grow” podcast gets on phone with me. I’ll also talk a bit about the Two Spotted Spider Mite for the “Pest of the Week”.

Opioid deaths surpass traffic accident deaths in U.S.  https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/14/health/opioid-deaths-united-states-surpass-road-accidents/index.html

Strain of the Week:  Sundae Driver: Is a cross between the Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie.  It is an Indica dominant hybrid.

Social Media

  • 805 Cannabis Society is having the “Quarterly Cannabis Workshop and Networking Event” on Jan. 24,  6-8pm. It’s $15 and it says here it includes drinks and appetizers. It’s going be at Impact Hub (State St. Location)  Land use attorney Amy Steinfeld is going to be speaking. Also branding and Int. Prop. attorney Dan Ackerman. And my buddy Elijah Spina from Delta Leaf Labs.  Go to tiny.cc/canna to get your ticket.
  • -Jan. 30 SB COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION – Hoop House Ordinance Meeting it be in SANTA MARIA on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 9 am Betteravia Government Center 511 Lakeside Parkway http://longrange.sbcountyplanning.org/programs/Hoop%20Structures/Hoops.php

Report from the cannabis front line:  Update from Shaun in Rhode Island

Pest of the week:  Two Spotted Spider Mite.  Go to Inmygrow.com and read along with the article entitled “The Two Spotted Spider Mite and the Cannabis (Marijuana) Plant.

Conversation with:  Shaun McCormick from the “Cheap Home Grow Show” podcast.  We talk about Rhode Island MMJ, space buckets and other stuff.  https://cheaphomegrow.com/

Special thanks to all the artist who let me use their music to put this show together.

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