A healthy marijuana plant needs pH balanced water.

by Alex Robles

Greetings everyone this is The Alex again, I just wanted to put up a quick post about how important a balanced pH is for a healthy cannabis plant.

Every animal and plant on earth needs a balanced pH that is prefect for them in order to thrive and as humans we enjoy an average pH of 7.4.  Cannabis is no different, if their pH is off then the plant won’t absorb nutrients correctly.

The pH scale goes from 1-14 and is a way to measure how acidic or alkaline/base a liquid, mixture, or solution is.  A pH of 1 means that the mixture is highly acidic and a pH of 14 means the mixture is highly alkaline and a mix that is pH neutral will be a 7. 

The chart shows a pH scale that goes from 4 to 10, with the nutrients labeled over it.  Now depending on how thick the line is over the pH value, it will tell us how easily that nutrient is taken up at that value.

pH chart

All of the primary, secondary, and micro nutrients, with the exception of molybdenum are best absorbed when the solution has a pH of 5.5 to 6.5.  Anything higher or lower than this will make the marijuana plant struggle to take up nutrients and could easily cause a nutrient deficiency along with other problems.  Me personally, I don’t like to go lower than 5.5 and not higher than 6.3.  I always have a pH up/down kit handy because it’s the easiest way to adjust my pH levels, a digital pH meter also makes things easy.  You can get them at any well stocked nursery, hydro store and even online relatively cheap.

That’s all I have to say about pH today, quick and easy.  I hope everyone’s garden is looking great.  That was almost poetic.

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Click here for pH meter

Click here for pH test kit

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